Share Transfers

Share Transfers

Our team of experts offers customized solutions to fulfill your requirements. The founders, investors, and employees have the convenience of transferring ownership of their limited company’s stocks through a single, swift, and effortless online process.

What is a share transfer?

In certain situations, it may be necessary to modify the share structure of your company, such as by adding a new shareholder or modifying the distribution of existing shares among owners.

The action of transferring shares from one individual to another, whether through a sale or as a gift, is referred to as a share transfer.

Transferring your shares

Shares can be transferred between individuals, whether they are new or existing shareholders. Additionally, shares can be gifted or sold. Typically, shares are transferred to accommodate a new person becoming a shareholder.

If a company possesses a sufficient number of shares, it is possible to transfer shares to a limited company at any point following its establishment.

Before making any alterations to your company’s share structure, it is advisable to consult your client manager. Inform them of your intentions, and they will provide assistance regarding necessary compliance measures and potential tax-saving opportunities.

To reflect the implementation of the new share structure in your company, you must update your company’s confirmation statement with Companies House. In this statement, it is essential to include the contact details of the individual who has purchased your shares.

Why Choose

You can transfer shares to a limited company at any time after its formation, as long as the company holds a sufficient number of shares.

We provide comprehensive company secretarial services to our clients, taking care of all your requirements and ensuring your compliance with legal regulations. Our team of experts is available to offer guidance and assistance in meeting your legal obligations.

If you encounter any difficulties while carrying out a share transfer, we are here to assist you.

Before making any changes to your company’s share structure, it is recommended to discuss your intentions with your client manager. They will offer the best advice and support to help you progress with your plans.

Transfer your shares to anyone, anywhere

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Transferring your existing shareholder's shares to another

Regardless of who your new shareholder is, you can swiftly facilitate their onboarding with our legal partner. Simply provide their email address, and they will gain immediate access to the necessary documents for signing.

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If you require any assistance with share transfers, company secretarial, or assistance with your company structure, please give us a call.


This implies that anyone involved in authorizing a transfer is required to witness the transferor and the new owner physically sign the share/debt transfer document. Individuals conducting share or debt transfers must accompany the transfer deed with a letter or certificate when submitting it to the company.

The stock transfer form must provide details of the transfer, including the quantity, category, and nature of the shares to be transferred, as well as the buyer and seller (cash, stock, shares, or debt). The signatures of all involved parties are required to ensure their awareness and agreement with the transfer. If the value exceeds £1,000, Stamp Duty at a rate of 0.5% is applicable. It is not permissible to conduct multiple smaller transactions in an attempt to evade paying Stamp Duty.

As your business expands, there may arise a requirement to increase the availability of shares in order to generate additional funds or modify the operational structure of the business. Shareholders may also express a desire to relinquish their shares and transfer ownership to another individual.

Typically, transfers usually require 2-4 weeks to complete, although certain instances may extend beyond this timeframe.