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What is an employment contract?

An Employment Contract (or Agreement) represents a documented understanding between an employer and an employee.

This agreement establishes the fundamental framework for their professional association, defining the rights and responsibilities of both parties.

The specific terms of an employment contract may differ based on whether it is a permanent or temporary arrangement.

It is crucial to note that the company is not permitted to establish contract terms that infringe upon the rights granted to employees by English and Welsh law, such as entitlement to paid vacations and adherence to the National Minimum Wage.

In cases where the individual is classified as an independent contractor, it is advisable to utilize a Consultancy Agreement.

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Employment contract template with SeedLegals

Effortlessly generate employment agreements in record time through our trusted legal partner, SeedLegals.

Easily generate the necessary documents to onboard new team members with just a few clicks.

Covering various types of engagements, including full-time employees, consultants, and interns.

Create Employment Contracts

Experience accelerated staff onboarding like never before.

Effortlessly generate Employment Agreements for both permanent and temporary employees in a matter of moments, utilizing our pre-designed template.

Utilize Employment Agreements to establish clear expectations for your team and outline what they can anticipate from your organization.

Craft contracts for permanent or fixed-term positions, whether full-time or part-time, with the ability to incorporate clauses pertaining to confidentiality and intellectual property assignment.

Tailor the agreements to perfectly align with the unique needs and specifications of your company.

What is a Zero Hour Contract?

A company and an individual can establish a versatile agreement known as a Zero Hours Contract, which falls under the category of employment contracts but is less formal due to the absence of guaranteed hours or work.

A Zero Hours Contract refers to a worker rather than an employee.

Zero Hours Contracts play a valuable role in cultivating a workforce that is agile and adaptable.

These contracts are particularly beneficial for businesses that experience fluctuating busy periods, have uncertain staffing needs, encounter seasonal peaks and troughs, or require the occasional temporary or short-notice hiring.

Zero Hours Contracts serve as a valuable tool for businesses seeking to maintain a pool of flexible workers.

Create Zero Hours Contracts

Foster a versatile and adaptable workforce by utilizing Zero Hours Contracts, designed specifically for seasonal and short-term workers.

Efficiently generate and personalize contracts to clearly define your responsibilities as well as those of your employees.

Contracts for your casual staff

Access additional assistance whenever required by utilizing our Zero Hours Contract template, allowing you to establish flexible agreements.

Establish a pool of casual workers, providing you with the ability to bring in additional help as needed.

Clearly outline the rights and entitlements of your workers within the contract, ensuring transparency and fairness.

Effectively communicate and define the collaborative working arrangement between you and your workers, establishing clear guidelines on how you will work together.

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The easiest way to create an employment contract for your employees is by utilizing our customizable template, which can be tailored to your specific requirements. With the assistance of our legal services partner, you can personalize a Work Agreement by selecting the terms that best align with the type of employment you are offering.

Our legal partner offers a standard Employment Agreement designed for both fixed-term and permanent employees. However, if you are hiring temporary or casual staff members, or individuals working on a seasonal basis, it is advisable to create and have them sign a Zero Hours Contract.

A Zero Hours Contract ensures that even though the worker is employed on a flexible basis, they still possess certain employment rights, such as receiving at least the National Minimum Wage and being protected against unfair dismissal. It provides a flexible approach to employing temporary or seasonal team members.

For contractors, consultants, or freelancers:

Individuals who work as self-employed are accountable for managing their own Income Tax and National Insurance contributions.

They offer services to your company for a mutually agreed-upon fee.
Their engagement with your company is either for a defined period or a specific project.
They receive payment upon submitting an invoice, rather than being paid through your payroll system.
It is crucial to ensure that your Consultancy Agreements, which govern your relationship with self-employed contractors, are carefully worded. In case of a dispute, a court will examine more than just the contract’s language to ascertain the true employment status of the worker.

The contracted individual should be recognized as a ‘worker’ rather than an ’employee’. It is crucial to understand that there is no requirement or obligation for either party involved. The company is not obligated to provide work, and the worker is not obligated to accept any work that is offered to them. It is not permissible to impose exclusivity terms in the contract, as workers are legally allowed to perform duties for multiple employers if they wish to do so.

A Zero Hour contract sets out terms covering:

  • The type of work might be available
  • Where the work will take place
  • The working relationship
  • The terms of the Zero Hours contract apply separately to each shift – there’s no working relationship between the worker and the employer between shifts.
  • How you will offer work
  • The worker’s right to accept or decline work
  • They have no obligation to accept the work you offer them
  • Pay and benefits
  • Holiday entitlement
  • What happens if the worker is ill
  • How you can end the contract
  • Details of either you or the worker can terminate the contract.

Flexibility is the primary advantage offered by Zero Hour contracts. In today’s fast-paced business environment, the ability to respond quickly and efficiently is crucial for every company. Zero Hour contracts enable employers to effectively manage unforeseen circumstances, such as a sudden increase in demand, by providing the necessary flexibility.