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What is a non-disclosure agreement?

Non-disclosure agreements, commonly known as NDAs, have played a vital role in safeguarding confidentiality within the workplace for an extended duration. These agreements are instrumental in protecting sensitive information of a company when sharing confidential details with potential business partners, firms, or employees.

In the present competitive landscape, patents and other proprietary information are indispensable for the success of your company. Similarly, maintaining the confidentiality of communications has become increasingly crucial in professional relationships.

To ensure the protection of your sensitive information, it is imperative to sign a non-disclosure agreement. Such an agreement prohibits the disclosure of trade secrets and other confidential information, as well as the utilization of such information to create a competing product or service, or any other form of exploitation for financial gain.

Non-disclosure agreements can have a defined time frame or remain in effect indefinitely. Additionally, the NDA may outline the specific types of damages for which an individual violating the agreement would be held accountable, as well as the procedures for resolving any disputes related to the NDA, either through court or arbitration.

Main types of non-disclosure agreements


When there is a need for one party to disclose sensitive information, the other party agrees to maintain its confidentiality.


A scenario in which both parties have a mutual obligation to share information with each other, typically occurring during business collaborations.

Do I need to have a non-disclosure agreement?

An NDA provides control over the disclosure of information, ensuring that sensitive details are only revealed with your explicit legal consent. If the other party violates the agreement, you have the option to take legal action against them.

By utilizing an NDA, you can protect your ideas, plans, or sensitive data, enabling you to launch your business without the risk of someone stealing your work, completing it independently, and reaping the profits. It also allows you to engage in discussions with potential business partners, investors, employees, or contractors without revealing any confidential information to potential competitors, provided they sign the NDA.

The implementation of an NDA serves the following purposes:

1. Safeguarding sensitive or private information.
2. Protecting your intellectual property (IP).
3. NDA agreements can be either temporary or permanent.
4. Preventing the release of information to a wider audience.

What are the risks to me and my business without an NDA?

As a company operator, you engage in various daily interactions with customers, investors, manufacturers, suppliers, and partners. Each of these interactions carries the inherent risk of sensitive data being unintentionally disclosed.

Failure to utilize a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) exposes both yourself and your company to the danger of potential exposure if this sensitive information ends up in the wrong hands.

Without the protection of an NDA, a competitor might exploit the opportunity to appropriate an unprotected concept before you have the chance to establish it as your own, especially if your intellectual property is revealed in such a manner.

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Taxcellent, based in Telford, is dedicated to helping companies and start-ups protect their innovative ideas from theft. Through our partnership with SeedLegals, we offer tailored solutions that include the creation of non-disclosure agreements (NDAs). These agreements are designed to prevent the disclosure of sensitive and confidential information, and we customize them to suit the unique requirements of each client, including those related to employee and independent contractor relationships.

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Employ the provided NDA template as a means to hinder the divulgence of your ideas, plans, and data by colleagues, contractors, or potential job candidates.

Both parties consent to the commitment of preserving the confidentiality of any confidential information.

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A Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) safeguards sensitive and confidential information by creating a legal contract that prohibits individuals from revealing or making it publicly accessible.

When signed by both parties, the NDA ensures that the discussed information remains private and cannot be disclosed, shared, or disseminated without the consent of its owner.

Since a Non-Disclosure Agreement is legally binding, breaching its terms carries consequences.

When it comes to sharing or discussing confidential information, it is advisable to have both parties sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA). Failing to implement an NDA could result in the inadvertent release of sensitive information to the public.

Typically, an NDA is employed to safeguard trade secrets, patents, inventions, pricing arrangements, or other financial details.

To write a Non-Disclosure Agreement effortlessly, begin by using a template and personalizing it to suit your company’s requirements.

Commence with a readily available Non-Disclosure Agreement template and select the specific terms that are applicable to your situation. This approach is efficient and remarkably straightforward.

After finalizing your NDA, we will facilitate its online signing by forwarding it to our legal partners.

  • Details of both parties involved – the ‘disclosing party’ (the provider of the information) and the ‘receiving party’ (the individual or company receiving the information)
  • Outline the confidential information, along with a legal definition of ‘confidential information’
  • Why you are sharing the information
  • How long will the agreement be for

Indeed, as a legal agreement, any party that affixes their signature to the NDA is obligated to adhere to its provisions. By signing the NDA, the recipient commits to safeguarding the confidential information to prevent its public disclosure. Not only are they responsible for compensating for any damages caused by the unauthorized disclosure of such information, but they are also liable if it is found that they have actively encouraged others to engage in similar acts.