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“When you are a limited company, it is a requirement to register an office address with both HMRC and Companies House.”

Registered office address for limited company

In the UK, every Limited Company or Limited Liability Partnership must possess a registered office address as mandated by law. This address serves as the designated location for receiving all official communication, including letters from HMRC or Companies House. It is publicly disclosed at Companies House.

The registered office address must be a physical location within the UK and in the same country where the company is registered. For instance, a company registered in Wales must maintain an official address in Wales. This address must be stated in the following company documents:

  • Business letters, emails and other correspondence
  • Other stationery
  • Invoices and order forms
  • Brochures and other marketing material
  • Website(s)

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Can I use my home address?

As a result, your personal residential address would need to be disclosed on both your website and the public register of companies maintained by Companies House. This register is easily accessible online, enabling anyone to search for your home address information, potentially exposing your private residence to unwanted attention.

By having your address in the public domain, you run the risk of exposing your private residence to unsolicited junk mail and unwanted cold calls from other businesses.

In the event of your business facing bankruptcy or being unable to fulfill debt payments to creditors, bailiffs or enforcement officers will visit the address registered on Companies House as your business address. Consequently, they may arrive at your private residence to request payment for outstanding debts. Such a situation can lead to undue stress and embarrassment for you.

Opting for a business address in a lesser-known locality can potentially hinder your business prospects beyond your immediate vicinity. Conversely, selecting an address in a prosperous or esteemed location in the UK will greatly enhance the reputation of your home-based business.

In the scenario where you reside in a rented home, there could be contractual obligations that restrict you from utilizing your residential address as the registered office address for your business.

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London address

Telford address

No spam or junk post

No spam or junk post

GPDR compliant

GPDR compliant

Home address completely protected

Home address completely protected

Same day scan and email forwarding to you

Same day scan and email forwarding to you

We deal with you post from HMRC & Companies House

We deal with your post from HMRC & Companies House

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