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For start-ups, we offer indispensable support and guidance in accounting. Our comprehensive package, priced at £49 +VAT, ensures that we handle all your financial needs, freeing you up to concentrate on building a prosperous business.

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Qualified accountant to provide advice on setup structure

All our clients receive a complimentary consultation aimed at assisting them in determining the most suitable corporate framework for their business. Our expertise encompasses advising on business registration, selecting the appropriate company type, filing necessary documents with Companies House, and outlining your legal responsibilities. Rest assured, we are readily available to provide guidance and support throughout the process.

Comprehensive service

We have assisted numerous clients in establishing their limited companies, and we can do the same for you with speed and simplicity. Furthermore, we will collaborate with you to estimate your tax and National Insurance obligations for the fiscal year, ensuring that your accounts remain in excellent condition.

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Discover further information about our business registered office address service at an affordable rate of £10+vat per month. Consult with our knowledgeable consultants for expert guidance on company formation.

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3-hour online company formation

Certificate of Incorporation

Certificate of Incorporation

Share certificate

Share certificate

Article of Association

Article of Association

Memorandum of Articles

Memorandum of Articles

Accountants letter to open a business bank account

Accountants letter to open a business bank account

Ready to set up your company?

Whether you are a seasoned business proprietor operating as a Sole Trader and seeking to transition to a Limited Company, or embarking on a new business venture altogether, our expertise guarantees a flawless beginning for your Company Formation.

We will provide guidance in selecting the most suitable company structure, determining the ownership of your company by defining the number of shareholders and their respective shareholdings. Furthermore, we recognize the utmost importance of aligning the Articles of Association and Memorandum of Articles with your specific business needs during the initial setup phase.

Different types of statutory accounts

Private limited company by Shares (Ltd) – Most common

This formation method is frequently utilized by Small Businesses, Contractors, and Freelancers to establish the most common type of Limited Companies. In this structure, the Ltd Company issues shares, and any earnings are allocated via dividends. By opting for a company limited by shares, one can engage in strategic financial planning concerning taxation. The distribution of profits can occur through a combination of salary and dividends, resulting in a highly efficient tax arrangement.

Company limited by guarantee

This business model is commonly adopted by non-profit organizations like social enterprises, community projects, and charities. It is designed to fulfill charitable and community-oriented goals rather than generating profits for members. Instead of distributing profits, any surplus income is reinvested. In the event of the company’s dissolution, each member might be obligated to contribute an amount equal to their guarantee to cover debts accumulated during their membership. Nevertheless, these contribution amounts are typically modest.

Public Limited company (PLC)

Publicly traded companies have the ability to issue shares or other securities to the general public, whereas limited companies are restricted from doing so. Another notable contrast is that a public limited company (PLC) must possess a minimum allocated share capital of £50,000 before acquiring a trading certificate.