GoCardless accountants

GoCardless simplifies the process of gathering recurring payments from customers worldwide by consolidating them into a single bank account.

GoCardless accountants

GoCardless enables you to effectively handle your cash flow through Direct Debit. By determining the payment dates, you can ensure the predictability of your cash flow.

Once you establish Direct Debit as your payment method, you gain the ability to automatically collect both one-time and recurring payments on their respective due dates. Furthermore, you have the flexibility to manage payments through the GoCardless dashboard or integrate with your billing or accounting software for automated payments and reconciliation.

Customers receive email notifications when a subscription commences or when a single payment is processed.

Integrate with your existing software

Integrating your accounting software with GoCardless offers numerous advantages. This includes the seamless connection of all payments directly to your account, ensuring smooth integration with your accounting data. The great news is that GoCardless has already established integrations with several top accounting software platforms, such as Xero, QuickBooks, and FreeAgent.

Improve your cashflow

Say farewell to the hassle of pursuing customer payments! The initial action entails filling out an online payment form that grants your business automatic authorization to collect payments when they are due. This process will not only decrease your manual expenses but also alleviate the need to expend effort on pursuing overdue payments. It’s a straightforward solution.

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